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 Create Marketing Leverage and Grow
Archimedes discovered the principle of leverage, how a small weight can move a large object. And marketing leverage is how businesses grow. Identify the fulcrum (aka "The Big Idea"), apply marketing weight, and lift sales dramatically.

PikeMarketing works with clients to create marketing leverage. Because we have deep client side experience with all aspects of marketing and sales, we can uncover the potential inherent in most any business. And because we have the talent to create targeted, compelling concepts we are able to effectively execute high impact, profitable programs.

We offer four main services: marketing strategy and plans, marketing and sales programs, program execution, and analysis.
Perfect your marketing and sales efforts. Contact Steve Pike 407.595.7800 or steve@PikeMarketing.com
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Because All Marketing Is Not Created Equal
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Our Mission Is Clear
PikeMarketing exists to build sales revenue for our clients.
We accomplish the mission by creating marketing leverage.
We are based in Orlando. Most of our clients are located in Central Florida: Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville. However, there should be no geographic boundaries in your search for top quality marketing and sales services. With everyday technology it's simple to be part of your team, even if you're in Timbuktu.
What if...you had an experienced, responsive team of marketing and sales practitioners on call, people with whom you enjoy working, who have creative talent and the skill to execute big programs, who think of your business as theirs, people who work to earn and keep your trust, who put their shoulders to the wheel and push hard and who help achieve new heights of success. Is that asking too much? We don't think so. It's what we do every day.