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The Marketing Challenge: How can Diet Pepsi broaden its consumer base to include more men.

Solution: Energize the entire network of Pepsi bottlers by promoting the video release of Top Gun. Create a Diet Pepsi brand commercial with a decidedly macho slant and, in addition to heavy broadcast rotation, place the spot at the front end of the Top Gun video…an industry first.
Execute a fully integrated retail merchandising event across Pepsi brands with compelling elements for consumers, the trade, and the Pepsi sales force.
Pepsi Cola/Top Gun
Program elements included a consumer sweepstakes, giving the winner a flight with ace Chuck Yeager in a P51 Mustang. The trade program also included a sweepstakes winner flight with Yeager. Mr. Yeager participated in a motivational video for the Pepsi sales force.

Results: Diet Pepsi brand gained .7 share points during the promotion. Pepsi received an estimated $3 million in free exposure for being the first company to place a “TV commercial” on a movie video. Pepsi achieved enthusiastic trade support with massive display activity and a prominent position in retailer ads. The program received the “Best Promotion of the Year award” from the Promotional Marketing Association.
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