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Meet Steve
Because All Marketing Is Not Created Equal
Steve Pike is a veteran of the cola wars….and the hotel wars, the cookie wars, and other intensely competitive arenas. He has managed a full array of marketing and sales responsibilities with Fortune 100 companies such as Pepsi, Holiday Inn, and Nabisco, as well as with midsize companies and small agencies. Steve understands what PikeMarketing must bring to clients: intelligent planning, compelling programs, and tight execution.

Among his accomplishments, Steve has launched more than a dozen new products- and, in one case, built a start-up division to $75M annual sales. He developed a new brand image TV campaign that drove awareness +13% during the first six months on air. He knows how to use research to find opportunities and to craft communications. Steve has solid understanding of trade practices, merchandising, pricing, and the importance of packaging. Two of his fully integrated promotional campaigns won Best-Of-The-Year awards in different industries.

Steve holds a degree from the Wharton School.

Marketing is the most important and the most exciting business function. Marketing is the only way to drive exponential growth.”
The Team
PikeMarketing is a virtual company, a network of experienced, talented professionals who come together on individual projects, as needed. This gives us the capability to provide a broad array of services- but our clients only pay for what's needed. They don't pay normal agency fees for unused overheads. Net, they get more for less.
Call Steve to explore how you will benefit from a great team: 407.595.7800